I, an observer

Maybe this is just me, but I have a slight love of learning about people. I just love getting to know what someone’s favorite cookies are, whether they prefer cats or dogs, and how they spend their rainy days. This is why I enjoy blogs and some vlog channels on YouTube.

There’s something I quite enjoy about watching someone explain their life through their own eyes. It’s like this tiny peek into someone else’s brain. Often I read an honest post or watch a video, where maybe that person’s situation is different than how they’re seeing it. Maybe they’re just venting a frustration or caught up in a daydream, and things are in truth not happening the way the person thinks. But I, the observer, am seeing it in my eyes. I’m seeing their eyes, through my eyes.

In a weird way, I guess this makes me see them like I would see a fictional character. I watch their stories unfold, unsure of or often too shy to interact and give my viewpoint…even when I have the option through comment sections and the like. I read their posts/watch their videos and learn about them. I imagine what they’re like in person, forgetting these already are real people sometimes.

Sometimes I pray for singers/celebrities I see who’ve made big mistakes and/or need Christ in their lives. Whenever I see something like that with a blogger or a vlogger, or even if they just don’t know Christ anyway, I’ll do the same. I watch and see their quirks and characteristics, thinking about how God made that person, and that they’re actually real. It amazes me how uniquely He made each of them yet still how evident it can be through honest thoughts they share, that we are all human and made by the same Creator.

Make no mistake, it’s important when looking at other artists’ work to know they make just as many mistakes and have just as many faults as you and I. My generation far too often put up famous YouTubers upon pedestals, for example, and then are shocked when said YouTuber makes a slip-up. Sometimes, we slip up in our own judgement as the observer. This is where you gotta be careful in what content you consume, how it influences your thinking as a viewer/reader, and what God advises in comparison with what the artist is saying. I try not to take an artist’s word as law, but instead God’s word.

Maybe you don’t even know what I’m talking about, and you don’t see this the same way as I do, dear reader. In that case, I’ll give you an example of what I mean when I’m talking about this kind of content.

This is a vlog/sketch-thingy by Nanalew (YouTuber). It’s a good example of her content with a dash of her honest thoughts: https://youtu.be/fiJc42w7b1U

This is one example. But if you take a further look, you can find even more honesty in these people’s channels and blogs (e.g.: Nanalew’s video, “My Depression & YouTube). It’s something I like about how God made artists–they express. You may not always see it so obviously, or understand how they’ve done it, but they express.

So, this is my first blog post. I’ve been wanting to begin a blog for a long time, actually. Just a lack of time, guts or pure procrastination that stopped me, I suppose. Sometimes though, I get those moods when I have ideas I want to talk about. Either I don’t want to share, or I do, and simple as that, today I did. I wanted to share, found some guts and time and…BOOM. I have a blog.

This has been one of my lil’ thoughts.



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  1. that’s lovely! it’s good to observe, not just be self orientated! God bless

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  2. I am a new blogger myself and I also really enjoy watching YouTube! I think what you just said hits the nail on the head. So often we observe in ways that is not the way the blogger intended. And I find it amazing that you think to stop and pray for bloggers. I am a christian myself, and I have never thought of doing that! I like your thoughts on YouTube and your perspective on the way they live. I have gotten asked by many friends and family why I like watching videos of people I don’t know talk about there lives. And you just gave the best answer ever! Thanks for the input. Check out my blog, I think you’ll like it(:

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