Learning to wait in Salem for Zion

“Day 1 of emptying old crates to move: I found my old Monica doll and a Zhu Zhu hamster that still works after 2-3 years.” (from a social media post I made October 16th, 2015)


It’s the first from the old “Discovery” photo series I did on social media while preparing to move from Europe back to America. I’m surprised this picture was taken a whole year ago. Brings back a lot of memories. I’m amazed all over again at how God’s worked in me and my family’s lives through this whole transition. Still, I’m someone who gets antsy when unsure, and we’re still waiting to see where He’s pointing us. So my nerves aren’t helped in waiting. The Lord reminds me of His truth; that I need to trust Him and wait on His will and timing.

The bad days still come.

But He is faithful and He’s patient with me to show me over and over His character and how He is love.

I read Psalm 76:2 recently, as part of a devotional:

His tent is in Salem, His dwelling place in Zion.

Curious about this verse for some reason, I did a bit of research and deeper digging.

I knew Salem meant “peace”, and learned a bit more about Zion in the Bible referring to the hill in Jerusalem, where David built a palace (2 Samuel 5:6-9). It caused me to think about this place showing God working through David and using him, fulfilling His plans and promises (2 Samuel 7). “The city of David” is another name for Zion but we also call Bethlehem that, since Bethlehem is David’s hometown.

Y’know who else was born in Bethlehem? Jesus.

Another promise of God being fulfilled there. His sending of His only Son to be our Savior and the One who paid the debt of our sins.

Another cool little thing is it’s not just about His promise to David, and His promise of a Savior, but the promise to us of “The new Jerusalem”, or the Kingdom of Heaven to come. Zion refers to the Kingdom yet to come, mentioned in Revelations 14:121:1-2, and Hebrews 12:18-22.

Every word of Scripture is significant. God even tells us that He dwells in a tent, or a tabernacle, which is a place of worship in Scripture.

How amazing is that?

His tent is in Salem,” His place of worship meaning “peace”, and “His dwelling place is in Zion”, a place displaying His promises He’s fulfilled, and the ones still to come into fruition. And I know He will bring them into fruition (Isaiah 46:8-13). God is faithful in working according to His will and plan.

God tells us we can find Him in the place of worship–where our peace and rest in Him is; in His promises–both fulfilled and still to be fulfilled.

What a comforting thought as I wait.

There are many things handed to me by Satan on a plate to make me worry, and often I take what’s on the plate and devour it, feeling a need to fill a void; to busy the mind, and not stay still. Of course, the tears and fears that come with politics, relationships, unknown future, growing up, spiritual struggles–and yes, not knowing what God’s next step is and being told by Him to wait–are not very filling things.

The fear doesn’t help the waiting at all, but the waiting’s necessary because it teaches me to trust Him. Yet, though fears leave me empty, they’re so heavy. They sit in my stomach like a brick when I consume them to worry.

But Jesus takes on the bricks of worry and frustration and just-feeling- tired-and-done with-everything. And so, God tells me of His grace being sufficient, that He’s still King of kings, and that what I’m waiting on and hoping should not be the gift but the Giver of it.

It’s the Kingdom to come, not the pretty, imagined kingdom I might want to build myself right now on earth. God tells me He is where I can find real rest and real fulfillment.

The inbetween-ness is not the end.

So maybe I don’t know what’s going on, or what will go on, or why it is going on, and I will still have bad days, but I know He has a plan, and I know He is still King. The Lord is greater than my days of doubt, anxiousness, and inability to be still and know that He is God.

I don’t know where I’m going to “settle” on earth, but I know peace is found in worshiping Him, and remembering His promises, both past and present. I can find Him in the peace of worship and the promises of the Lord.

All that from one sentence of His Word.


Here’s a little tune to go with this.

“‘Oceans’ has been played to death!” you say. Ah, but these lyrics are something so true, it’s hard for me not to find peace in the song, despite how often I hear it. If you still protest, take this one instead, fren.


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