Even After Thursday ♡ spare words

Valentine’s Day is the day of unmet…be it:


prince charmings (or damsels distressed),

true loves,

or right understanding of love.

It is the day they may not (or they may).

It is the day where thought counts.

Because most of the time,

The hallmark cards are hailing us

To overthink it.

To what avail? That she doesn’t get

Her flowers?

Him his dignity?

Her veil?

His courage?

His dinner date?

Her quality time?

No question’s popped and we question

Each other

Because cupid said to.

Red hearts and pink lips scold us to.

And I take my red ink and edit or file away

The memory of the feelings

So I can decide what I should feel

Next year.

Could the 14th not just be another day

In which I aim to love as well as possible

Anyone needing it in my vicinity?

Whoever my Christ, my Groom, placed in my


Could this year just be an ebenezer, another


One that sings, “I am growing in love and being loved all the more

May any of my loving LORD

Spill over His feet and onto your





sibling (by my or His blood)



The largest Enemy I know

Has no claim on me

By way of lacking paper cards or intimacy, by jealousy, or


Because though I may carry all of these

And the lack of romance threatens to

Puppet my apathy

I choose to take heart,

Paste it to my sleeve,

Guard it graciously,

For my only Lover is He.

And He will give me joy in handing out cards

Though I struggle with the ones I’m dealt.

Joy in the rose’s thorns even if there’s no

Flower at the end of my stem

Because He wore the thorns as a crown.

I will bleed for you, my brothers and sisters,

and I will wait, trusting He will fill with holy

The holes, wholly,

When Valentine’s comes, even after Thursday.

Extra Encouragement:

  • Tendons (The Release)” by Bellarive – These are my favorite lines (of many) from the spoken part:

“So if Christ is alive, the love
And the groom
Then take heed my friends
For chivalry is not dead
For I know no other lover who would
Have met me here in this place”

  • Loved” by JJ Heller – It’s incredibly cheesy, but the video for this makes me smile.
  • “Where is it Written?” a blog post by Melissa Zaldivar – This expresses a lot of how I feel about today, and is something I wish I’d been able to read in my early teens. Please take a minute to read.
  • st. valentine – a playlist for Valentine’s I tried to make more inspired by what we know of St. Valentine and the love of God
  • This drawing-thought I did a while back

daises and roses (blog version).jpg

I know it’s been a tick since I last wrote a blog post, but life happened. Hopefully more writing will be going on in the future, but anyway, here’s something I jotted down at the beginning of the month and decided to share.

Fight well and unalone,



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