About the Author


Heidi is a human being who enjoys pizza and the idea of long walks on the beach (by herself. Maybe with pizza.). 12 years of her life consisted of being a missionary kid in Central Europe, but she now resides in the U.S., scribbling and playing keyboard, guitar, and ukulele. Sometimes she does the writing thing, other times she does the drawing thing. She does a lot of things.Though she’s often not sure what she’s doing or where she’s headed, Jesus has saved and is teaching her imperfect, human self each day. Heidi has written multiple short stories, worked on a collaborative project in the past, and usually is found in penguin-print pajamas, with a mug of tea, scribbling people, places, things, and ideas to life.

Heidi is currently an undergraduate student, majoring in Community Art and minoring in English.

Email me about art, writing, and commission inquiries

This blog’s basically just me rambling and trying to talk about the various thoughts tucked in my head, stemming from my experiences as an artist, missionary kid, healing person, and daughter of my Heavenly Papa. These thoughts are the ones I don’t discuss as in-depth with people; the ones I like and maybe need to analyze.

I’ve just always wanted to do something like this.


This is a learning curve, so we’ll see if this section changes the more I write (hint: It already has a few times lol)



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