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pompomsSECOND edit1_3-15-2021

Photo credit: Abigail Riffel

welcome, welcome friends

I currently study Community Art and English as an undergrad at a Christian college. I have a strong passion how worship, study, community, and creativity interact with one another.

A few of my dream projects:

music album covers

teaching art

book illustration
(especially for children’s literature!)

book covers

band merch


If you wanna talk art and commissions with me,
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Projects and Commissions

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Untitled_Artwork 1 copy

Untitled_Artwork copy 2

This piece was a gift for a little girl who loved to sing and perform. Her family’s three dogs each make an appearance, and every family member is holding flowers to toss her. I wanted her to feel like a very loved little princess.


Clayton+Emily H commission (wtrmark).jpg


This couple travels the country in their van. A family member commissioned me to create this gift image for them. The pattern of the hill is based on a blanket pattern that appeared in many of their instagram pictures.


HeidiMelo-SATURN_ENTRY2019 copy

I have studied Ancient Hebrew! The writing on the wrist above says “I am to the LORD” (or “The LORD’s”), inspired by Isaiah 44:5 and Sleeping At Last’s song, Saturn.


blue flower card


Thinking and Belief_HeidiMelo-WHITE 5-8-2021

For Fun


This piece features words from Josh Garrels’ song, “Songbird”


fall fest blue doodles inktober2020HeidiM


Peace Will Win wtrmark.jpg



combined room ref

A combined photo of my bedroom growing up in Europe and my dorm in college in the U.S.


Untitled_Artwork 1


Untitled_Artwork copy 3

These words come from Christina Rosetti’s poem, “The Caterpillar”


Say You Will edit

These are lyrics from one of my favorite Jess Ray songs, “Say You Will”



This drawing is based on a still from this beautiful, mini dance video

Community Art