Charlie, Linus, Grace, and Love.

Can anyone tell me what Christmas is really all about?!

Christmastime is here and for me and my American friends, nothing says Christmas like the Charlie Brown special. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you take a moment to find it on Youtube somewhere, or do your best to hunt it down and buy it to watch. It’s worth it.

So back to that first quote, little Charlie Brown, our unlucky protagonist, who’s just brought the most pitiful tree to his friends who are planning a Christmas performance in the auditorium. He’s set it on top of the piano and immediately, after everyone had called for him to bring a spectacular tree, they begin to hassle him for letting them down.

Friends, I’ve been Charlie Brown. I tried my best and screwed up sometimes. And I have been put down for it–maybe not by others, but I get hassled by my own thoughts and internal voices.

Shame on you.

You’re stupid.

You ruined it again.

How is that “walking with Christ?”

You’re never going to change.

And y’know what? It’s true. I’m not perfect. I mess up. Lately, I’m frustrated with the idea of loving others and remaining pure in mind. I struggle to do those things. To not think bad thoughts and to not “love” for selfish reasons. I want to love the right way, like Christ did, but can’t because I’m imperfect. I’m not Jesus.

Enter Linus.

Linus comes in and he’s my favorite character, because he cares about Charlie Brown and sees that he’s trying and you know what he says?
Sure, Charlie Brown, I can tell you what Christmas is all about.

Go ahead and watch Linus’ speech.

Now take every time the Peanuts say “Christmas” and replace that with the word “love”.

That’s what God’s grace is all about. That’s what I need to rest in. Satan condemns me, but y’know what? God’s grace is enough. He sent baby Jesus who grew up and died for me.

He’s working on me. One day I’ll be with Him and yes I’m a total loser–a Charlie Brown.

But God loves the Charlie Browns, the Linuses, the Lucys and even the Snoopys, and Jesus paid the price for my screw-ups.

It’s a daily fight. Maybe you’re not having a silent night due to the battlefield your heart is. Or maybe it’s an actual battlefield you’re fighting in or fleeing from. The world is dark, but Christ is the light who came and He’s coming back. He’s promised that.

Keep fighting and like Peter says in Scripture, stand firm in the faith. Not in yourself (and I’m preaching this to myself as I write), but faith that God will carry you through this. Because He loves you and I indescribably, even if we’ve been Charlie Browns, because of what Jesus did.

And His love is great enough to make something lovely out of our screw-ups.


That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.



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